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Driving better efficiency and optimal outcomes in Refractive Surgery

In the October 2023 edition of Mivision, two of Adelaide’s leading refractive specialists, whom both use ParkView Day Surgery for their refractive surgical management, discuss the positive impact the implementation of the new Zeiss Refractive Workplace surgery planning solution tool has had on their workflow and outcomes.

In the pursuit to provide ophthalmic surgeons and specialists with the very best facility and tools to use in their practice, ParkView Day Surgery is the first to implement this software in South Australia.

Providing top-notch facilities for Ophthalmic Surgeons and Specialists

Still in its implementation infancy, both doctors have indicated they benefit.  The integration of this tool into their workflow is helping them achieve better efficiencies in planning their refractive procedures, allowing the medical staff that support their surgical management the opportunity to undertake safety checks beforehand, and finding it is reducing re-work or the need to contact patients with a change of plan.

Dr LaHood and Dr Ingham have also recognised the tremendous value of thoroughly reviewing and analysing meaningful data. By doing so, they can gain insights that contribute to superior patient outcomes – an unwavering objective for these dedicated medical professionals who prioritise the well-being and recovery of their patients above all else.

As digital platforms like these allow the transition from manual data entry, ParkView Day Surgery keeps abreast and offers what leading ophthalmologists and patients require to achieve optimal visual results.

Discover how the groundbreaking Zeiss Refractive Workplace surgery planning tool is revolutionising workflows and transforming outcomes. Gain deeper insights into its positive impact, enhancing efficiency and precision in surgical procedures like never before.

Experience the future of ophthalmic surgery planning with this cutting-edge solution.

At ParkView Day Surgery, we aim to deliver high-quality, patient-centred surgical services focusing on safety, compassion, and efficiency. We strive to exceed the expectations of our patients and their families by providing a supportive and nurturing environment.

Remote Refractive Planning Article is available to read at this link.

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