Ground Floor, 215 Greenhill Road,
Eastwood, South Australia 5063

Patient Amenities, Services & Transport options

ParkView Day Surgery is a leading purpose-built and fully accredited day surgery facility that specialises in ophthalmic surgical eye care in Adelaide.

ParkView Day Surgery is purpose built for a seamless, welcoming, and comfortable patient experience, including access to the following amenities, services and advice on how to access the centre by public or other transport..

If you have any questions or would like any information not provided here, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our customer service staff on 08 8274 7070.

Thank you for trusting us with your eye care.


Patient Amenities and Services

Reception and Waiting Areas

Recently renovated, our reception and waiting areas are light, welcoming and modern, affording you an easy and quick check-in process and a comfortable space to spend time before your procedure. Wifi is available upon request.

Recovery Areas

After your procedure you are able to recover in modern, safe and comfortable recovery areas before heading home. These are designed with ophthalmic care specifically in mind affording you privacy and comfort.

Surgical Theatres

Purpose-built with ophthalmic heath in focus, ParkView Day Surgery has two modern accredited theatres and a procedure room all equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and technology.

Free Undercover Parking

Providing patient convenience, ample patient parking is available in the undercroft of the building. This is accessible from both Greenhill Road or Trust Lane at the rear of the building.

Watch the video in the further information below that clearly shows how to access the complementary car parking.

Car Park Lift Access

Patients are able to navigate into the building via the lift access available from the undercroft carpark. There are also stairs if preferred.

Transport Options

If you would prefer not to, or do not, drive, there are alternative ways to access ParkView Day Surgery. Please see them below in further information.

Further Information

How to Access Parking

ParkView Day Surgery is located on the Ground Floor at 215 Greenhill Road, Eastwood on the eastern outskirts of the Adelaide CBD overlooking the Parklands.

Providing ample free on-site patient parking, our location is central, convenient, and easy to access.

Watch the video below that clearly shows how to access the complementary carparking.

Lift Access

Lift access is available from the undercroft car park to all levels of the building. ParkView Day Surgery is located on the Ground Floor and is clearly signed.

Transport Options

If you would prefer not to, or do not, drive, there are alternative ways to access ParkView Day Surgery. Please see them below.

Public Transport
Metropolitan bus routes are close to the facility. Should you require the use of public transport our friendly receptions staff can assist you with timetables.

For your convenience, our reception desk has a direct dial service to a taxi network and our staff are happy to assist you.

If you intend to catch an Uber there is a waiting space in the foyer of the building and they may also pull into the undercroft carpark to access the Centre for safe pick-up.

Recovery Areas

Our mission is to make your ophthalmic experience as successful, stress free and comfortable as possible.

Surgery is critical, and recovery is as important. ParkView Day Surgery offers its patients the gold standard in both, providing an exceptional experience from start to finish.

Our dedicated cataract surgery suite and recovery areas provide a premium experience and to allow our ophthalmologists and eye surgeons to perform at their best for optimal visual outcomes.

These areas include a specialist cataract theatres equipped with the latest technology.
After their procedure patients can recover in a dedicated cataract recovery area, cared for by our expert medical staff, before seeing their surgeon and returning home.

Our dedicated laser vision correction surgery theatre offers a complete suite of laser vision correction technology including SMILE® Pro, LASIK and PRK. Its comprehensive investment in proven refractive technologies allows tailored treatment and optimal vision outcomes for patients. Once your procedure is completed you are settled in our dedicated and comfortable laser vision correction recovery suite, allowing you to rest and recover until you see your doctor post- procedure and are ready to return home.

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