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Consumer Engagement

PVDS is committed to partnering with consumers in decision making, health policy and delivering patient centred care.

PVDS believes that when our consumers are actively and meaningfully involved in decisions about their health care, we achieve better outcomes for community health and wellbeing.

PVDS acknowledges the involvement of consumers as a means to:

  • improves quality and safety
  • improves health outcomes
  •  provides services that are reflective of needs of our community.

Our Patient Centred Care model is based on the following:

  • Working Together – patients/ consumers are respected as partners in reviewing and improving healthcare.
  • Shared Decision Making – consumers are supported to make informed decisions about healthcare and planning.
  • Personalised & consumer focused – providing personalised care that is informed by the consumer goals set.
  • Cultural awareness & Inclusion – providing care that is considerate of diversity and includes all
  • Effective Communication – providing high-quality information that can readily be understood and act upon, health literacy is considered a priority.
  • Patient experience data – by gathering regularly and ongoing, we use this feedback to inform care and services provided and identify quality improvement projects.

If you would like to read a guide on how to find good health care information from the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care click  here.

Our Consumer Representative

Lyn Martin is our Consumer Representative. Lyn joined ParkView Day Surgery in December 2022. After working for 45 years in the health industry in administration and during which time she gained knowledge of issues that impact patients and the running of the hospital and health care system. Driven by a desire to help others, her retirement years have been spent volunteering for ParkView Day Surgery, and other aged care services, in a number of varied capacities and duties.

As a member of the consumer engagement team, Lyn uses her knowledge of both the health industry, as well as her personal experience as a patient, to assist consumers drive improvement in the health care system and suggest changes to assist ParkView Day Surgery keep a patient centred care focus.

.If you would like to complete our Patient Satisfaction Survey click here.

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