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Revitalising Healthcare: Parkview Day Surgery’s Redevelopment Journey

Experience Exceptional Ophthalmology at Parkview Day Surgery

Parkview Day Surgery has signed a contract with SHAPE for redevelopment works in a significant stride towards enhancing eye care facilities and increasing capacity. This transformative step will reshape the facility, bringing a new era of patient care with additional procedures, more sessions and more specialists operating at the facility services.

The Redevelopment Project

The project stands as a testament to the creative prowess of Cheeseman Architects in maximising the existing building footprint to expand the licensed area. Their expertise has shaped the future of Parkview Day Surgery, seamlessly merging medical functionality and aesthetic appeal through the transformative powers of architecture and design.

Something exciting about this redevelopment is the partnership between three key players: Parkview Day Surgery, SHAPE, and Cheeseman Architects. Their shared vision and collaboration guarantee that every detail comes together smoothly to bring you new and improved facilities by January 2024.

Park Day Surgery has reached significant milestones in its transformative redevelopment journey, obtaining approval from the Department of Health. This green light acknowledges our mission to deliver exceptional ophthalmic services, solidifying our commitment to excellence.

The approved elements include:

1. New Central Sterile Department (CSSD)

Central Sterile Services Departments (CSSDs) play a vital role in infection control in eyecare facilities. The new CSSD at Parkview Day Surgery highlights our commitment to patient safety. Our cutting-edge department upholds the highest sterilisation standards for impeccable cleanliness and surgical instrument readiness.

2. New Procedure Room and Patient Recovery Area

Parkview Day Surgery caters to the ever-changing requirements of patients, while its redevelopment opens avenues for additional ophthalmic procedures to be conducted.

Furthermore, we offer an extensive array of procedures complemented by exceptional consulting services and the capacity to allow additional specislists to use the facility.

3. Building Works for Associated Patient Care and Administrative Areas

At Parkview Day Surgery, we provide exceptional eye healthcare services that prioritise your vision needs. We aim to create a space that promotes efficiency and compassion, ensuring your eyecare journey is stress-free and well-supported at every step.

Parkview Day Surgery’s investment in enhancing eye procedures showcases its commitment to raising standards, expanding services, prioritising patient welfare, and embracing innovation.

Parkview Day Surgery’s redevelopment is an inspiring story as construction progresses and the vision becomes a reality. The collaboration of SHAPE, Cheeseman Architects, and the Department of Health’s approval signal provides a promising future for the facility.

Patients will experience a renovated, efficient, and patient-centric environment, while medical professionals will have the tools they need for top-notch care. Parkview Day Surgery is pivotal in advancing the field of ophthalmology by offering specialist day surgery services and ensuring medical professionals have the necessary tools for quality care and that patients feel comfortable and safe.

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